New Extra Care Consultation

The Moss Lane Extra Care consultation has now closed. McCarthy Stone appreciates everyone who took part in the consultation.

Welcome to our consultation website

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Welcome to our dedicated website showcasing the exciting proposals for a new Extra Care development at Moss Lane, Hale. We invite you to explore this site and learn more about our vision and plans.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a member of our team, feel free to reach out to us via phone or email. Our project team is ready to assist, and you can find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for visiting, and we look forward to sharing the journey of this exciting development with you.

The Site

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The proposed site is located on brownfield land, off the stretch of Moss Lane, opposite School Road. McCarthy Stone has chosen to bring forward this site for redevelopment as it is well located and accessible for people over 70 who are looking to downsize into smaller homes while remaining in the area.

Trafford is facing a significant shortage in housing for older people, with local residents unable to find the homes that are right for them. Our proposals would help to address this shortage, without developing on local green spaces, and provide elderly homeowners in Trafford greater choice in their living situation.

Extra Care

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Our proposals would see approximately 64 Extra Care homes brought forward. These apartments are exclusively for the over 70s who want to maintain their independence and privacy whilst also receiving tailored support and care at an in-built social community.

What makes Extra Care communities stand out is the choice they provide residents with on a daily basis. Our support services are flexible and fantastic value for money as residents only pay for the help and services they need.

While the proposed development will have beautifully designed communal areas, the Extra Care development is owned – or rented – by individuals and is totally self-contained. It’s the perfect blend of privacy, community, and support.

As our proposal site is well-connected, with a wide range of shops and local amenities nearby, future residents will be able to make the most of their free time safe in the knowledge that whatever they need will be available for them back at home.


The proposed development is thoughtfully designed to seamlessly integrate with its surroundings, featuring convenient access directly from Moss Lane. This strategic access from Moss Lane not only enhances the connectivity of the site but also aligns with our commitment to thoughtful urban planning.

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The allocation of parking spaces for our proposed development at Moss Lane has been carefully considered to align with the specific needs of this unique community. Given that the development caters to individuals over 70 years of age, our parking strategy reflects the lifestyle preferences of this demographic.

Understanding that a significant proportion of our residents may opt for alternative transportation methods, such as public transport or walking, we have tailored the number of parking spaces accordingly. This approach not only optimises the utilisation of space but also acknowledges the potential reduced reliance on individual vehicles within our community.

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Local Amenties

This site is ideally located for less active people who still enjoy spending time outdoors. The connectivity of this site would enable future residents to make the most of the local area, which would contribute to the local economy and community. Residents have their pick of local leisure activities, with a wide variety of options available:

  • For keen anglers, the King George V Pool is located less than 250 yards away from the development. The fishery is in regular use by locals, is well maintained, and is highly accessible.

  • For those who enjoy shopping and spending time on the high street, a wide range of retail and food options are located very close by to the development.

  • For those who enjoy gardening and growing their fruit and vegetables, the Moss Lane / Golf Road Allotments are located within walking distance of the development.

  • For those who like to keep active, Hale Moss Bowls Club plays at nearby Stamford Park. Altrincham Golf Course is also located very close by.

  • For those who appreciate watching live sport, Altrincham Football Club is close by. Having recently become a professional side, Altrincham FC has developed a reputation for being a real community club, as well as playing exciting football!
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To navigate our virtual exhibition, you can click and drag the room around to look at the boards. Clicking a number will bring up that exhibition board for you to learn more.


The development has been designed to create as many opportunities for leisure and socialising within its own grounds as there are outside of it. For those who prefer to relax indoors or socialise closer to home, there are a number of shared communal spaces for residents to enjoy within the development; these include:

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An onsite communal bistro/restaurant – for those who prefer to dine amongst company, this will create a sociable atmosphere during lunch and evening meals.


Many of us enjoy making use of the outdoor space available to us and are particularly fond of our gardens. This development includes plans for well-maintained and vibrant green spaces open for residents and guests to enjoy.


Spacious lounges, for socializing and relaxing. These spaces are designed to accommodate all residents and their requirements, with areas for entertaining guests as well as space to unwind on your own.


When friends and loved ones come over to visit, they may make use of the hotel-style guest suite, as well as convenient on-site parking, helping residents to accommodate and spend more time with those closest to them.


Older people can become isolated, perhaps due to care needs or family members moving on. McCarthy Stone’s site will include a communal area where neighbours can socialise, host visitors, and be part of a community. A 2019 report suggested that an average person aged 80 feels as good as someone 10 years younger after moving from mainstream housing into housing designed for later living.

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Research from WPI Economic & Homes for Later Living, carried out in 2021, shows that a typical retirement development of 45 units could generate over £13m of additional economic activity in a local area, compared to letting a brownfield site lay undeveloped. This is achieved through increased activity in local shops, as well as through the jobs created during development and operation.

The proposal site is located close to the high street, which means future residents will have easy access to local shops and services. On average, 63% of residents’ annual expenditure is in local shops. This is much higher than the average local spend by 80+ year olds in the general population.

Furthermore, permanent jobs would be created in the management and maintenance of retirement developments, as well as the renovation works and investment that follow moves further down the housing chain.

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Our proposals are crafted to align seamlessly with all prevailing sustainability requirements, standing as a testament to our commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible development practices. By adhering to the latest sustainability standards, our project not only complies with regulatory expectations but, more importantly, actively contributes to fostering a sustainable future. In addition, older people moving into a McCarthy Stone apartment create a ‘home improvement dividend’ as younger homeowners move into the freed-up family homes and make energy efficiency improvements.

The energy consumption of a McCarthy Stone home is also much lower than the average home, with older households moving in likely to reduce their energy consumption by at least a half and probably more. This will also help residents to save money on utilities, with the cost split more effectively with other residents. Indeed, residents can see over £2,300 in household cost reductions, including a yearly decrease of more than £700 on energy bills when compared to a typical home.

Residents of specialist retirement housing are also less likely to drive, and it is estimated that building 45 specialist retirement housing properties could take up to 15 cars off the roads. Collectively, these cars would otherwise drive roughly 1,800 miles a week. Our analysis indicates that the carbon savings from reduced car use amount to around 0.35 tonnes per year for each McCarthy Stone household.

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Your thoughts and suggestions are invaluable to us when we are in the process of formulating our proposals prior to submission.

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The Moss Lane Extra Care consultation has now closed. McCarthy Stone appreciates everyone who took part in the consultation. If you would like to keep up-to-date as our plans progress, you can register your interest above.

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Come and join us at our public exhibition event at The Hub Community Centre, Altrincham (WA14 2SZ) on Thursday 16th November from 2.00pm to 7.30pm. This event will give members of the public a chance to talk to our team and find out more about the plans. Parking is available at the venue, as well as additional spaces at the nearby Sainsbury’s Altrincham supermarket.